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Creative Design

I strive to create memorable visual experiences that resonate and connect with the viewer on a human level.


Revive Church
Message Series Graphics

(Left) Graphic for the series "Change", which discussed how there is always something we can change to better ourselves and our relationships. This concept is embodied in the incomplete triangles seen throughout. The delta symbol, Δ , is also the scientific symbol for change, also used in place of the capital A. The usage of blue and water signify rebirth as well as the constant state of change in which we live.


(Right) Graphic for the series, "With Love", which discussed how every action we take in this world should be motivated by love. The use of a grungy teal was meant to invoke a calming effect. The magnifying glass literally revealing a heart when looking into the silhouette of a person is meant to be a reminder to examine one's own motives and move onward with love.



Revive Church
Stage Design
& Message Series Graphics

(Right) 3D render of the stage design and projection screens for the series "Be Brave", which discussed how we can conquer our fears in order to resolve conflict courageously. For this project, I chose bold, primary colors and an aesthetic influenced by super hero comic art. The city's sky and buildings are solid black and red, meant to invoke a noir-city, fraught with turmoil. One caped-hero stands atop, silhouetted in front of a glowing, full moon. The design beckons the viewer to discover the super hero within.

(Google SketchUp) 

For the series graphic (Left), I chose a complimentary blue background to counter the red of the stage's sky. The action pow and printed circular patterns furthers the comic book feel. The title text is larger than the yellow/orange action pow to convey that striving to resolve conflict in a courageous manner will ultimately help to diffuse the situation and better our relationships.


For the series "Love Your Neighbor" (Below), I designed a graphic and visual motif that was more abstract, meant to communicate the idea that behind every neighbor's perfect white picket fence is a messy, flawed human being. No one has it all together. This is echoed by the abstract patterns and lines.

(Photoshop, Rolled Paint, Wood)


Boise State University
Play Programs and Poster

Restricted to a black and white palette, I was tasked with creating a playbill for a play whose main characters make various deals with the devil in order to achieve what they want. (Below, Front/Back) Puppet strings are attached to business men. Behind them, a silhouette of a woman falls in a bottomless pit. The font selection is meant to invoke the feeling of both an old newspaper and the book of life. 


This production of Romeo and Juliet was minimalist in its costume, set, and lighting design. I complimented these choices by distilling the play down into two symbols, the poison and the dagger by which Romeo and Juliet ultimately kill themselves. A simple wash of reds foreshadow the sea of blood that will be spilled in order to make their union possible. (Right) 


The main title's font uses thin arrows jutting off in different directions. This represents the many competing and complex plans the characters pursue within the play. 

(Printed Poster, Photoshop)

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