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"LARP: Hunt The Devil"

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An Epic, Hard Rock Musical Adventure!
THE STORY (Log Line):

A clan of misfit larpers compete in a weekend event where they must wage war in order to capture and return the Jersey Devil.

A Note From Brian:

There are two main motivating factors for our larpers: honor and glory. In our society, I think it is incredibly timely that we discuss the role of these concepts. Which matters more? Does it matter how an individual or team wins? Or does it just matter that our team wins? From sports to entertainment to politics, our society is struggling to see where honor matters. When every aspect of life becomes a bloodsport to win, there is always a new fight to have and a new game to play with larger stakes and greater prizes. Winning cannot be the end-all, or we will find ourselves alone, our allies sacrificed to the whims of the game. 


Honor, Glory, Civil Discourse, Personal Identity in The Digital Age, Gaming Culture, Feminism, Friendship, and Loyalty


Action, Comedy, Musical, Sci-Fi

Musical Genres: 

Rock, Hard Rock, Metal, Fantasy Metal


22 (6 Male, 6 Female, 3 Female or NB,  8 Open)​

WGAW: 2026126

©2020 Start The Revolution Music (ASCAP)

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